Video Production &
Motion Graphics

Motion Design and editing are my biggest passions. I found my love for editing through my years in college and have learned the arts of motion graphics, animation and color correcting in order to become the designer that I am today.

Screen Shot 2021-06-23 at 12.29.50

Long flat vector explainer piece that explains how the Covid-19 vaccine was created and works.

Employee Reentry Video.png

Award winning internal video explaining the steps for employee re-entry after Covid-19 affected work.


A marketing video edited for sales teams to promote and excite clients to buy spots during the olympics.

Psychic Numbing Newspaper Design.png

Short form vector explainer piece that retells the story of Hokget: The Dog Lost at Sea.

48 Days Timeline Image.png

Long form Vector explainer graphic displaying data from he first 48 days of testing in the US.

The Officer's Wife Promo.png

Three promotional pieces (trailers) for a new true crime podcast with VaultStudios.


Billiard tutorials with motion graphics and live video elements to help breakdown technical aspects of the game

Self Publishing Videos.JPG

Animated educational tutorials to help young, new authors self publish. Senior thesis

of 2018.

3D Plant Cycle.jpg

Animated rendered lifecycle of a plant made with 3D and motion graphic software.

Shire VR Render.jpg

A low poly environment based on the Shire from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Immersive space.

Style Frame video 2.jpg

Animated tutorials to give tips to photographers on photographing shelter animals.


Edit, design and typographic elements for the opening title sequence of the mini web series, 'Pink Slips.'