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PoolDawg: Slow Motion Technical Breakdown



Lead Motion Designer / Editor

PoolDawg is an online Billiard shopping tool. However, not only is the brand an eCommerce location for billiard tools, supplies, accessories and apparel but part of the PoolDawg brand is teaching its users about billiards.

PoolDawg has hundreds of free training articles for users to read and learn more about technical, physical and mental concepts about the game of pool. The site had a few videos to help explain certain concepts, however, much of the video resources were about how to use certain products, or videos from other sites/professional players. PoolDawg didn't have many videos created by themselves for its users, in order to tie back into their brand.

Which was where I came in. My task was to start the creation of a Technical Breakdown (educational) series that PoolDawg could use in order to explain certain ideas and concepts better to its audience, starting with the very first video.

For the very first video, the goal was to help the audience understand a pool term called, "Deflection" while showing a breakdown of deflection as a visual. I had to consider three important factors that would be utilized in this video at some point:

1) I needed to define Deflection and the terms associated with it.

2) I needed to breakdown the paths of Deflection with the slow-motion footage of Deflection in action.

3)I needed to be able to show a comparison of the different types of Deflection from the footage provided.

That was the main direction I was given and from here I needed to be able to create an educational video using the provided footage and audio and create my own motion graphics to add to the video.

This project was one of my largest that I tackled in a small team. I was the main designer, graphics artists and editor to creating this video. I was able to work with a team lead and my supervisor in order to take their ideas and create a final video that we could turn into a series.

One of the major goals for this project was to create a video that would teach new billiard players about the concept of 'Deflection' and being used a reference to understanding the game of pool better. We also wanted to have a template to use for future 'Slow Motion Series' videos that we could tweak and work with for further ideas. I was able to do this by creating a motion graphics package of the different components to the video.

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