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KGW: Psychic Numbing Explainer




I was tasked with the opportunity to create a shorter 1 minute explainer vector that would be used inside of a news package about a story on the "Dog Lost at Sea" from 2002. This story would then be used to transition into what Psychic Numbing is and how is correlates to the events that happened in this explainer graphic.

I was given a script, VO and music selection to create my animation off of with a few requests of what they wanted to see and how certain elements should look. For example they provided pictures of reference for the main dog of the story and the ship. From here I found vector illustrations that I would be able to modify and tweak within my power and animate those illustrations into a graphic. My main jobs for this project was animating, motion graphics and sound design/editing.

I had quite a bit of creative liberties with this project with color, animation and style. Due to time constraints I would up using our services provided to us and searching for already created vectors that I could stylize and alter myself to fit the needs of this project. The first vector that I needed to find would set the overall tone and style of the piece, and that was to illustrate the main dog of the story: Hokget. Hokget was a young 2-year-old terrier mix at the time of the story and I was provided reference images to base my design off of. Fortunately I found a close enough style to Hokget that I could simply alter and tweak (such as his ears, add a lei, and correcting the coloring of his face). I gave this vector 3 different positions to work with and give myself some variety so it wouldn't seem like the same vector piece was being reused over and over.

In addition to the explainer vector animation, KGW requested two shorter graphics that would animate and display two different types of graphs in the same style as the explainer. These graphs would help to illustrate the differences between Psychic Numbing and Compassion Collapse over time as data represented as a whole.

Hokget Reference 1
Hokget Reference 2.jpg
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