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What Would I Use?

Thesis is going to be a constant cycling process,of which I will be going back and forth throughout the entirety of thesis in order to obtain a successful result to my thesis project. My thesis project will be a distributed networking system that helps to connect self-publishing authors to the appropriate resources that they can research, hire or look into in order to publish their boo

ks. Through this, I will be going through all parts of the design process, cycling through it several times over.

However, there are five circumstances I will need to consider in order to gauge the success of the solution to my problem.

The five circumstances are as stated:

1. User Roles - What role will the user be in the solution to my problem? Or, what status are they in and why are their roles necessary for success.

2. A Customer Experience Map - What type of experience will my users encounter when using my solution? Will they only be at home on a computer, if so could their home be loud or quiet? I need to take in all circumstances and considerations of the user's environment, senses, thoughts and emotions.

3. Persona - Who is your target audience? This will help me to identify my users/target audience and give life to whom I am creating this solution to.

4. A/B testing - Can your users utilize your app to its best potential, without any problems? This testing validates my solution

and provides necessary feedback for revisions in order to build a successful solution.

5. Customer Journey Map - What does the entire process that a user will go through when using my solution? This helps to show where problems could be and successful designs of my solution.

User Roles

For my particular project I believe the most important circumstance would be to research and to test the user roles for my solution. I have a strict target audience of self-publishing authors which means they could be working from anywhere as long as there is access to the internet. Which means I will need to take in consideration the context of which they need this network (or context in where they are when using this network), the characteristics or processes used, the criterianeeded to solve their problems and considerations that I need to take into account. Such as not only with self-publishing authors be using this solution, but there is also a community of artists, editors, advisors and more to help aid the authors. I'll need to take in the consideration of their journey's and how they will be utilizing this solution, rather than soley focusing self-publishing authors.

User roles will help me to gain valuable insight into the back-end design and structure of my solution for all parties that use this solution. It will also aid in to creating journey maps and user flow of my solution.

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