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What is Thesis?

Thesis is the time to show off our work as an academic student and to help prepare us to transition into the professional careers of our life after university. For me, thesis means being an exploration of a problem that you find yourself creating a solution for. That solution could be a viable product, a hypothesis and theory or it could be a prototype or research into why this problem should be addressed. Thesis isn’t just a way to explore a problem in the world and address it ourselves, it’s also a skill set that we will build and create by showcasing our skills as designer, for creative out-lits and career paths to see within our portfolio.

Thesis is a process of which we take a passion that through solving a problem in order to better express our stance in the world, our skills and our problem solving abilities. It’s a process and a journey for us to develop the proper mindset of a growing designer in this industry and build ourselves up off of the design cycle that is laid out for us in order to solve a problem.

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