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My work

Welcome to my digital portfolio. I am a designer with an abundance of knowledge in different design media. From motion graphics and video editing, to traditional print graphic design and layout, to User Interface and User Experience design. Don't be shy, take a look throughout my collection.

3D Plant Cycle.jpg

Includes: Motion graphics, video editing, color correction, 3D and VR space, kinetic typography and broadcast design.


Includes: Logo, branding, layout and typography, print and web, and catalog design.

Photo (65 of 67).jpg

Includes: Landscape and nature, wildlife and animals, and abstract photography.

Civil War Poster Iron Man.jpg

Includes: Business cards, movie poster designs, informational postcards, packaging artwork and vector artwork.

Email Mockup.jpg

Includes: Research, wireframes, mockups and prototypes, user investigation.

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