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Student Project: Pink Slips Title Sequence



Myself / Alexandra Christensen / Chris Vonburske

During my first motion video class, we were tasked with creating the title sequence for the Senior Film student's (at UCD) title sequence for their web series. We collaborated with the seniors who were shooting and writing episodes for the web series called Pink Slips. We were tasked with shooting, editing and finalizing a different title sequence for every episode. The episode that we were chosen for was for an episode called, "Brittany," where a woman gets fired for being strange with her boss in humorous ways that are considered dark to many of us.


Going into the project we knew we had to stick to a theme of somewhat darker ideas, without making the title sequence look morbid. We also had to be careful of not making the title sequence look too cheerful, as it wasn't entirely a funny situation.

Creative Brief

How can narrative through motion design be utilized to inform first-time millennial self-publishing authors on the process of publishing?

The first steps to this project were starting out with a creative brief that went over the objective, themes, treatment and ideas we had for the title sequence. It laid out everyone's plans for the project. To begin the creative brief, we started out with our objective and backgrounds. Our creative brief helped up to begin establishing the guidelines we would use when shooting footage or editing video, and how to stylize our project to a common theme. We included storyboards, style frames, and text to help inform how this project will go, according to the information we were given about the specific episode, "Brittany."


The objective of this project is to create a 30, 40 or 45 second cut for the opening credits of the web series, Pink Slip for the specific episode of “Brittany.” Creating an opening that deals with the mood and theme of the episode.

To create a 30, 40 or 45 second cut of the opening credits for the episode, “Brittany” of the web series Pink Slip. We need to capture the mood and theme of the specific episode assigned and project a visual cut that is a representation of the overall episode, with some kind of an element to tie the series together.

The overall aesthetic of this episode aims for a more dramatic and darker mood, rather than humorous and lighthearted. In order to capture a drama rather than a comedy, the colors will be of dark values with one or two bold colors in order to bring emphasis to important aspects of the opening. Extreme close-ups and high-speed recordings of objects and movements will create a more dramatic and dangerous tone. Light sources should be limited and not too bright to wash out objects or remove their details, as some darkness should be visible in most shots.


The episode deals with voodoo magic, in a serious manner rather than a playful expression. In order to incorporate this, the opening will include hints towards voodoo, while using color and single light sources in order to enhance objects, and give the mood of magic and dark voodoo work. For the title sequence, there will be a constant connection between the physical form of a pink slip and the title words, that will eventually burn with fire from the inside out, in order to express visually of someone beings “fired.”

Style Frame

Rough Cut: Solo Edit

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