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2014  /  Present

Sony a58 DSLR

Welcome to my digital photography portfolio. My interest in photography started during my freshman year of college, when I was required to take a photography class. After this class I became immersed into the world of nature and I've been photographing landscapes and animals for the past four years during any of my travels through Colorado. There's such beauty that can be found in nature, that I cannot describe in words alone so I use photographs to help capture the emotion and beauty emitted from nature. I love to photograph animals and the natural wildlife through their own portraits and scenes of life in their natural habitat. Being a Colorado native means that hiking is in my blood and as often as I can I'm trying to find new places to explores and travels to share with my followers through my photographs. From photos of elk sleeping peacefully to the rigid mountain sides in the Rockies, I am always finding new places to photograph and new scenes to capture with my camera. Currently, I mainly shoot scenes with my Sony a58 DSLR, using a 55mm lens and a 200mm lens, until I can try to buy myself newwer lenses or another camera. With each shot, I aim to improve the quality of my pictures, from exploring new angles, to setting out when the lighting is right, to capturing different scenes of everyday animals and nature. You can find my instagram @jaime_roy

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