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Student Project: Lux Lilium Superbum




For the beginning of my introduction to Three Dimensional motion graphics course in Fall of 2016, our task was to create a motion piece in cinema 4D that expresses a cycle of a plant. The plant could be based off a real plant or entirely made up, however, our task was that we needed to included typography and show at least one type of cycle for the plant to tell a story.


I took this project as a challenge to learn how to use Cinema 4D and to tell a story through motion graphics but using specific cuts and transitions, typography and camera angles. After several ideas that I produced fairly quickly, I came to a final idea of creating a plant that was made entirely out of glass that produced lights, particularly at night. 


The inspiration for my plant design and name came from the Latin name for the Tiger Lily plant, which is called the Lilium Superbum. Lux is another word for "Light" in Latin, thus came my scientific name for my plant: The Lux Lilium Superbum.

Sketches: Quick sketches of flower cycle changes to fit my design.

Title Shot: End shot of the piece.

Time: During Daylight.

Time: During the Night.

Typography: Anatomy of plant.

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