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TEGNA: Employee Re-Entry Video




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2021 Videographer (Viddy) Award Platinum Winner: Digital Technology Videos | Motion Graphics Information

Back in late 2020 I was tasked with creating an informational video to go inside corporate offices and play at stations, where employees were beginning to go back to work in the offices. This video would help to educate the rules and guidelines necessary to follow in order to keep all employees and clients safe, while the world was still in the middle of a global pandemic. This video had to be easy to follow with or without VO as not everyone would have the time to listen, which made it typography heavy with some illustrations acquired from Adobe Stock. I tried to also make this video entertaining to watch with color and illustrations, as guidelines can often be a boring thing to follow along with, but the safety of employees were a major concern.

Over all the project went well with minor edits and tweaks, mainly to the script which would change the pacing of the video or some graphics displayed. Overall, it was a success and played in all stations and corporate offices during the final few months of 2020, as employees began to go back to working in the office.

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