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Marketing: 2022 Beijing Sizzle Reel




2021 MarCom Platinum Award Winner: Video/Film | Special Event

2022 Promax Local Awards Gold Winner: Editing

The task for this edit was to create a marketing video that internal marketing sales teams would show clients in B to C presentations to excite them about the upcoming winter Olympics and put in mind the potential to purchase spots on television as a sponsorship. This edit needed to be exciting, motivating and empowering as it was to focus on the winter olympics and the people that watch the olympics at home. This was in the very stages of the designs for the company's Beijing 2022 brand package.

I knew the general idea our team was going to go with the look for the branding and followed with imagery from Beijing and a cool blue tone that could be used as a neutral color for the text graphics. This video mainly was focused on the editing, sound design and pacing of the overall project rather than motion graphics. It was one of my larger editing projects that I got to be involved heavily in the post production. From sound design and audio sweetening, to color correcting and clip editing, this piece came together to inspire clients potentially looking into purchasing and partnering with stations in the company.

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