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Tweeten glove package design



PoolDawg Multimedia Designer

A brand new glove was launching at PoolDawg from Tweeten, and needed a packaging designed with specs and information.

For the release of a new billiard glove from Tweeten, I was tasked with design a universal packaging for the gloves. The packaging was not to be specific or too detailed to allow for further gloves to use this packaging. We wanted something that resonated close with the Tweeten brand and updated the packaging for a more sport-like, technical packaging in order to show off the fine details of this new line of gloves.

Initially we began designing packaging that wasn't universal. The packaging also started out with a harder casing and one that resembled more of plastic to not warp the shape of the gloves. This also gave a higher standard to the gloves with easy access to the gloves for trying. However, eventually we moved towards a slimmer designer that could be thrown away after use since a majority of glove owners keep their gloves within cue cases and bags. We stuck to a bag design made of plastic that showed minor details and info-graphics on the front of the bag, with short blurbs of information on the back about the make and design of the gloves.

Version 1 of Package Design


Version 2 of Package Design


Final Package Design

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