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Hi, I'm

Motion and Graphic Artist

This is Jaime

Who am I?

Do any of us truly know who we are? I suppose I haven't rolled high enough to delegate my backstory to you. But here's what I can tell you: I was born and raised in beautiful sunny, Colorado. In May 2018, I earned my Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, emphasizing in Digital Design at the University of Colorado Denver (UCD). To be able to tell a story through visuals across a broad audience, using more than just verbal language, is something that always excited me. Through a narrative and storytelling, we can connect with our audiences on a deeper and more emotional level, and that emotion always fascinated me. Do you remember a movie that made you feel "The Feelings" or a video that made you laugh so hard you were crying?

Who are they?

Dogs, dogs, so many dogs. I am an avid dog lover that grew up at a later age with poodles and poodle mixes due to my mom's allergy to dogs. Ever since our first poodle mix, Floyd, I've been in love with them. They're adorable, hypoallergenic and sweet. But don't let their teddybear-like looks deceive you. They're extremely smart, cunning little creatures that crave constant attention. I grew up with several and am currently the proud owner of my own adorable little demon.

Demon aka Bowie

Angels aka Murphy

& Bentley

Moody & mysterious like me

What is that?

That, my dear, is a photograph. It's something of a hobby of mine. Colorado is home to some of the most breathtaking and wonderful hikes, and I'm lucky enough to get out enough to explore them when I'm feeling more extroverted. Especially now that I have a dog. I'm probably not the best hiking partner because I usually have my camera on me to stop and take hundreds of pictures. You'll be annoyed soon enough by the words, "Wait, hold on guys."

On the down low, I like drawing, curling up with a good story in my bed or cuddling my dog. You can often find me spending money I don't have on food I shouldn't buy, but there's so much good food!

If you've read this far then congrats! I have run out of things to say so you get to see my list of clients that I've worked with on freelance projects:



Sara Stewart


Green Mountain Townhouse Corp

Non-Profit  Student Work

Shelter Me Photography

Chinook Fund

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