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Motion and Graphic Artist

Who am I?

My name is Jaime Roy, and I was raised in Denver, Colorado. In May 2018, I earned my Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, emphasizing in Digital Design at the University of Colorado Denver (UCD). I am fascinated with the world of video, including the cinematic advertising. To be able to tell a story through visuals across a broad audience, using more than just verbal language, is something that always excited me. Through a narrative and storytelling, we can connect with our audiences on a deeper and more emotional level, and that emotion always fascinated me. Do you remember a movie that made you feel "The Feelings" or a video that made you laugh so hard you were crying?

I am an avid dog lover with two beautiful pups of my own. The oldest is Murphy, or Murphles as he answers too. The youngest is Bentley, and he is just the most chaotic ball of energy, that simultaneously doesn't care about anything happening around him.

I enjoy taking hikes in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, exploring new places that I haven't seen with my camera. My hobbies include: fiction writing and script writing, painting and doing nothing for hours on end.

This is Jaime

Photography and video are my passions. From the breathtaking scenes of nature, to the extraordinary lives of people surrounding us, I am someone that loves to express all the stories there to tell. Everyone has a story to tell, including myself and even though I am only in the first chapters of my story, I'm anticipating the times to come. I'm still figuring myself out in this new world, full of adventures and delicious food, but I'm ready to dive in and work together with you on a project. I may be young, but I've already been a part of so many stories that have touched my life and someone's else's, so if I can use my creative skills to help to tell a story to others, then I will find a way to do so.



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