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9NEWS: Coronavirus 48 Days Timeline



Myself / Ryan Eads / Toby Sjolander

2021 Heartland EMMY Award Winner: Hard News

Our team was tasked with creating an infographic timeline that 9news could use to as an explainer graphic for how the first 48 days of testing in the United States went during the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020. This was to be a highly anticipated news story.

Overall, the tone of the graphic was meant to be serious and informative but also to spark some anger in its viewers, once the data and information had been presented. This would hopefully entail conversations about the testing crisis and problematic ideas within the United States at the very beginning of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

We need to be able to display a lot of data and information on screen without it being too overwhelming to a viewer, while also being visually engaging to watch, since the Voice Over cut was over 4 minutes long. Which meant that the audience's attention needed to be captured for the entirety of the 4 minutes and make sure that information could be retained. I was tasked with creating the visuals and graphics for several scenes while also being in charge of the final editing process of the video and sound/audio design.

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